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Josh Hayes

3 Handicapper

Ash's coaching has helped transform my wedge performance. with the use of trackman combine tests you can really dial into the detail and see measurable improvements. Several of my team mates are now working with ash after seeing improvements in both my flights and distance control




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After playing golf from a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career within the game. I went to Duchy College which is part of Plymouth University to study Tournament Golf where I learned many different aspects of golf and an understanding of the industry itself. 


At the time, I was competing at an international level within the amateur game, reaching a high of 250th in the R&A World Amateur Golf Ranking, regularly winning at County and Regional level. I represented both Leicestershire and Rutland, then the Midlands numerous times.


During my early teens I represented the England Team at school level, this allowed me to work with top level coaches and thrive off the environment I was in. TGC (tournament golf college) was also a significant part of my life, learning from all kinds of experiences both on and off the golf course.


After finishing at TGC I embarked on my playing career, I was lucky enough to travel all over the world and build an extremely strong network of golf Industry experts. I have had some successes, the biggest of which was a 2nd place finish at the 2017 Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, holding the lead for the majority of the round. I have won on the mini tour level and competed on the PGA Europro Tour, Mena Tour and Alps Tour and have loved the opportunities these tours gave me, in particular Mena tour and Alps tours where you get to see different parts of the world, experience different cultures and adapt to your surroundings.

Two years ago I invested in a Trackman which has helped me understand my game at greater depth and sharpen up, especially for tournaments such as the British Par 3 Championship where your practice can be very specific. I have used TrackMan testing religiously, developing my knowledge of TrackMan and how to make dramatic improvements utilizing the data. 


After countless hours of using and studying the best ways to implement Trackman and improve overall performance using the data it provides I decided to move predominantly into performance coaching. More so specializing in wedge play.


The results so far have been extraordinary. Coupled with the use of trackman and knowledge with helping golfers of all levels understand their own personal game, good and bad tendencies has seen huge improvement across the board.


I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people improve their overall performance and particularly enjoy the wedge play aspect. It’s the strongest part of my own game and the area I love to help people understand, especially as 50 to 100 yards is an area of the game relatively and a skillset that everybody is capable of improving. My long term aim is to work alongside the best coaches and players in the world to create a team environment in which the players can feel supported and satisfied in the knowledge that they aren’t alone in this individual sport.

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